What's in a Name?

Friday, July 25, 2008

When your name is Talula Does The Hula a hell of a lot. A judge in New Zealand ordered that Talula's name be changed. She is nine years old. She has been living with this name for a long time and I see no reason to change it now. Sure it is unusual but so what people are unusual, everyone should not try to be the same as everyone else. What are they going to call her? Jessica or maria maybe, I have nothing against those names but aren't there enough of them in the world already? Her parents wanted her to be different maybe even special, what is the harm in that? Ok so all the experts will same she will be or has been a social outcast. Is that really because of her name maybe is is her personality to be a little shy or maybe it is because her family is going through a divorce and she is stuck in a custody battle, ever think of that?

Maybe if people stop telling her that her name is funny and drawing out this big long court case to change her name legally then she would feel better about herself. Start telling her that her name is unique and beautiful. Tell her that her name is special and maybe she will start thinking so too. She is nine she will still believe most of whatever adults in her life tell her so tell her she is wonderful and beautiful and special just like her name. Tell her that her parents must have known she would be unique and that is why they gave her that name.

P.S. How about letting people call her just Talula which is a wonderful name with a history of fascinating people attached to it, Bankhead for example. There are plenty of people who don't tell anyone but their closest friends and family their middle names.

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