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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

ChaCha, what it is and why you should do it. Ok obviousely most of you know about the dance 1,2, cha cha cha. But have you heard about ChaCha the mobile answering service?

Probably not and I say that because I had never heard of it until a friend told me so I will give you an overview. Let’s say you are sitting in your living room and you are thinking to yourself “self, I wonder what the capital of Croatia is?” now what do you do. You have a few options for sure.

You can dust off your old encyclopedia, flip through the pages hoping to find the answer and also hoping that it is still correct after all the changes in the world since you bought it however many years ago. You can get out the trusty computer and scour the internet in search of a fact based website to find the answer. Or you and just grab your cell phone and either call or text your question to a guide who will find the answer from a reputable source and text it right back to you. In a few minutes your phone will beep alerting you that you have a new text message “Zagreb (who in 1994 celebrated its 900th birthday) is the capital city of Croatia.”

You don’t have to do anything but ask and the answer will be delivered to you also if you would like to see where the guide found this information you can go to and log into the chacha account for your cell phone. This is where you can see all the activity related to your phone and see the source pages for the answers that were sent to you.

Now, why am I telling you this? There are two main reasons

1. A few weeks ago I became a ChaCha guide, I am loving it, I have learned so many new things and I can answer questions any time of the day or night from my laptop plus putting a few extra dollars in my pocket always gets two thumbs up. And

2. It is fun. It sounds like fun doesn’t it? Go ahead and try it, I know you want to, you know you want to so think up a question, any question there is nothing too ordinary or too wild, nothing too gross or too easy ask anything your heart desires, anything that comes into your head.

Text your question to 242242.

Remember though ChaCha is free, check your cell phone plan for your text messaging fees.

The ship is going down.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So honestly I think that the Palin ship hit a rock weeks ago but when I read these things I just can not help myself. I am in an interesting position on this one, you see my husband is reimbursed for his travel related expenses much like Sarah Palin is as Governor of Alaska. Have we expensed a couple things we shouldn't have, maybe but those things add up to probably $100.00 in the whole 2 1/2 years he has been employed with the company and we have never charged the company to fly Chance somewhere even if we could realistically say that waiting outside the station to pick Scott up from work is "official company business" (which of course we couldn't at least not in good conscience).

As I write this I realize that although Palin being the representation for all women in America bugs the living crap out of me, it may in fact be a dead horse and I should stop kicking it.

Early voting started in Louisiana today and the lines were long, for this I am glad.

You can find the article here.

A Lesson?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lets talk about what is and is not appropriate when teaching a child a lesson.

scenario #1 - Your child continues to run around the room coming dangerously close to the corner of a table with each turn around the room. You mention that he should be careful and to watch the corner. He doesn't and he runs into it. The odds of him seriously hurting himself are very low and so this is a lesson he will only learn from his own trial and error.

Scenario # 2 - Your 14 year old granddaughter is angry and is threatening to run away from home. You take her and drop her off at a hospital in Indiana where they have just passed a law giving you immunity for abandonment. This is not acceptable because you see you have to go much farther out of your way to "teach" her something she has no way of truly understanding in the first place. She will not understand the fact that you abandoned her (which you still did) until days, months or even years later. And if you are going to chose this direction you completely undermine the lesson when you went to pick her back up.

Want to know more read here

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