And then there's John McCain

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Senator John McCain was supposed to visit New Orleans today but instead he has decided to go to Columbus, Ohio. Now I have nothing against the people of Columbus as a matter of fact I have quite a bit of family in Ohio and I like them just fine but if you have the choice to go to New Orleans or Columbus let me tell you which one you should guessed it, New Orleans. I do not want to go into all the reasons if you do not already know them then you are a boring human being who needs to get out of the house more or you are a child who has not been given the gift of travel by your parents and have not been around long enough to rectify that situation and I am sorry for you.

On top of all the fun things to do here we have the history and as a politician with a shot (albeit a very small one) at the White House never never never cancel a trip to New Orleans. Tell us you are not coming at all, that is fine but telling us you are coming and then deciding Columbus is a better choice is just a slap in the face. We need to be coddled, we need to be babied we need whoever is taking over as president next year to come here and hold us for a minute then look us in the eye and promise it won't happen on their watch. That they understand how important we are to the history and culture (not to mention our Port) of this country and that they will not forget about us. That is what we need from the candidates. Not a canceled trip.

For the record I know he has been here before and I know there is a Hurricane, do I care? No, it's kind of the principle of the thing.

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