Wednesday's Wonderful Review - Cloverfield

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I have heard that this movie is either a love or hate thing.In a room full of people one guy tells me he loves the movie and I should most definitely see it for myself then as soon as I turn around there is another person telling me it is awful and I should not waste my time. The previews always looked intriguing to me so last night we sat down and had a look.

The entire movie is shot off the cuff from the point of view of Hud the poor sap who has been put in charge of documenting his best friend, Rob's going away party with home video camera. Due to this concept it starts off a little slow because they can't introduce you to all the characters like is done in a traditional movie, you kind of get thrown in and have to piece the story together as you go but in the long run the movie is all the better for it.

About half way through the party Manhattan gets attacked by monsters. We never find out where the monsters came from or what they are doing here on Earth but one thing is clear, they do not come in peace. This sends Roy, his brother Jason, Jason's girlfriend Lily, Hud and the target of Hud's pickup lines Marlena on a crazy trek across the island to rescue Rob's would be girlfriend Beth.

The plot itself is not that unique. Along the way the group holds up in a convenience store as dust from falling buildings gusts past the windows and begin walking across the Brooklyn Bridge in scenes that made me think of 911. They hold up in a subway station and quickly learn that the monsters are having babies when the group is attacked by the little guys leaving Marlena bitten. They run into a make-shift Military Post where a flurry of confusion breaks out when someone yells "We've got a Bite" then Marlena is drug off behind a curtain. We see blood splatter but it is still unclear if the military shot her or her head exploded and I am not sure if I missed something or I am supposed to wonder. They do finally make it to Beth but I must tell you if the building I was going to was in the shape this one was in I would have to call the whole thing off. On the way back to safety each member of the group is picked off one by one until all we are left with is the two lovers Rob and Beth. I will not tell you the very end but I will say we still do not know who won the humans or the monsters.

I can see why some might not like this movie, the camera shakes around and it really isn't anything new in the plot department. For others though it is great because the camera shakes around constantly, it never breaks the Point Of View there is never a moment where everything goes completely steady thus making the home video aspect unbelievable and although it isn't anything really amazing as far as the plot is concerned they do what they do well and the monsters are kind of cool. Overall I give the movie a 4 out of 5. I think those people who can stop their brains from saying "why is the camera shaking" every two seconds will really like Cloverfield.

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Unknown said...

The whole shaky camera thing nearly ruined it for me in parts. Not only was it a bit nauseating at times. But come on you're clambering across a crumbling rooftop are you really gonna keep filming with 1 hand?

Did you pick up on the garbled transmission during the end credits? This review has instructions on how to hear it. Might hint towards a sequel? ;)

But even with the shaky cam and idiot lead characters I still enjoyed it, good popcorn movie!

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