Spit Anyone?

Monday, July 7, 2008

I have never been a spitter myself but evidently lots of other people in the world are. Just go to google and enter ‘spitting ban’ as the topic you want to search for and watch the articles pop up. You can not spit in public in parts of England, Canada, and China the list goes on. Until this point I have never put that much thought into spitting either in public or in private and definitely not enough thought to warrant passing a law against it. There is one reason and one reason only to spit and that is because there is something disgusting in your mouth. Odds are if there is something disgusting in your mouth you just put it there and I for one do not go around in public putting disgusting things in my mouth repeatedly and repeated spitting them back out onto the sidewalk or other public place. Maybe I am one of the only people who learns from my mistakes.

If people are in fact spitting in public to the point that laws need to be passed should we not then offer free public classes that specifically focus on teaching children not to spit? I would like to know the demographics of a spitter. Are they men, women, young, old, are these people inherently dirty? Do they have high paying executive jobs or do they toil away the hours on a construction site? The study should be titles Who Spits?

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