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Thursday, June 19, 2008

...Rayna (that's me). I currently live in New Orleans with my husband and toddler, the terrible twos are upon us. We moved to NOLA in November 2005, yes after the hurricane. This picture was taken when we were on a river cruise last Christmas. I picked this picture because the Portland look is so hot right now. Everyone "going green" and all (me included so who am I to talk).

Writing fills my heart with joy and so I do it much and often like laughing in that poem. Speaking of poems I like to write those too as well as this blog and a couple others. I am here to entertain you and myself with my witty ramblings. And to share info on books and reading in general, of course.

I did not return to my job after giving birth to the aforementioned baby and so spend most of my days desperately trying to find something to fill my schedule. Oh yeah and trying to avoid becoming a complete fat ass from lazing around the house. So far it's working out, I'll keep you posted...

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