Grace Coolidge

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Born on January 3rd, 1879, Grace Coolidge was voted one of America's twelve greatest living women in 1931. I had no idea that was something that people vote on or at least it was in 1931. Of course, we do have the sexiest man alive and things like. She lived from 1879 - 1957 an only child. She graduated from the University of Vermont and went to work at the Clarke School for the Deaf. She met Calvin Coolidge while in Nothhampton, NH.

Grace Anna Goodhue Coolidge was in charge of the families finances and raised the children from cradle to playing ball in the backyard while her husband was rising in the ranks of politics. From Governor to Vice-President to President. She was gay and gracious, tactful and stylish in all that she did including dealing with the sudden death of her 16 year old son.

She was much loved by the American people and was discribed by her husband in his autobiography in this way: "For almost a quarter of a century she was borne with my infirmities, and I have rejoiced in her graces."

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