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Thursday, July 10, 2008

I got this idea from Monika's Corner another blogger on socialspark.

My favorite food for as long as I can remember has been Tacos. I do not have a particular type of taco that is my favorite or even one from a favorite restaurant. Sure tacos are tasty but the reason they are really my favorite is because you get to put whatever you want on them and as much or as little of each item as you want too. Now that I am older and make my own they are also easy to make. Just brown the meat and lay out all the ingredients for everyone to make their own taco.
I love how I can put more cheese on one taco and then on the next I can put more lettuce and tomatoes whatever I want. Also, as a cook it is really hard to mess up the recipe.

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Monika Dubska said...

Thanks for taking the opp! I love tacos too :) So so sooooo nice!

Ill add you on my blogroll :)
Monika xo

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