Children make you happy, yeah right!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I did not really know this was up for debate. Of course I should have known better because people have been searching for the holy grail of happiness since the beginning of time. That is what really made Eve taste the forbidden fruit, right? Anyway, I was reading this article which examines the notion that you have to give birth to and raise kids to be happy in life. This is absurd! The article goes on to state that in fact people who have children for the most part state their lives as more unhappy than before they had their little bundles of joy.

Big F-ing surprise. People with children do not sleep right, they do not eat right and they go out of the house with shit on their shirts, literally. It is not their fault it is just that they did not notice the diaper bush against the hem on their shirt before they wrapped it up and tossed it in the garbage. Of course people with children are unhappy, it sucks more than most anything else in your life has ever sucked or will ever suck. Why does it suck so much you ask, well the reason is simple, it is never ending. The pressure is there when you wake in the morning and there during nap time and there when you go to bed it is also there at 3am when you roll over and look at the clock with a sigh.

Parenting is not all bad by any means and as everyone says it is worth it but will it bring you happiness? No, it will not. You make yourself happy with or without children and if you are having them to fill a happiness void in your life then you are going to be sorely disappointed.

Read the article that spawned this rant here.

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