And now the horses...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Why do we as people even debate topics such as this? Should killing horses ever be an option except for survival? If people are dying then yes by all means kill the horse and eat it, cover yourself with the horses skin and live another day. Why? Because people can and that my friend is Darwinism. Darwinism as I see it does not mean killing horses just because people want to have more land in their name or because people are too selfish to care for the horses or how about this one, if people want to fight a stupid war instead of feed some beautiful wild horses in the Western United States. None of these should ever be reasons to kill horses.

If only 100 years ago there were 2 million wild horses in the US and now there are only 60,000 I do not think we have a population issue. The numbers are dwindling naturally if you consider human encroaching on their land nature. Now “budget cuts” are going to force them to be euthanized? If this happens now in a few years we are going to be having a conversation about how the wild horses are on the brink of extinction and what should we do about it. We should leave the damn wild horse alone let him run and frolic of whatever the hell wild horses do. Do not kill them just let them be. PETA here I come.

This rant inspired by the article found here.

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