Wednesday’s Wonderful Review – Clorox Greenworks

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I have been on a quest to get more “green” since the Live Earth concert last July 7-7-07. In keeping with this quest I have begun replacing my conventional household cleaners with “green” cleaners. It does not make sense to clean up a mess by spraying deadly chemicals all over your house. So, I picked up Clorox GreenWorks the other day. It is made with lemon oil, glycerin a coconut based cleaning agent, ethanol, some dye, water and a biodegradable preservative. Now my first issue is that they do not tell you what the biodegradable preservative actually is but above that there is one big problem with this cleaner.
It leaves a sticky residue. At first I thought because it is “green” it just does not have the cleaning power that chemicals do and so it was not getting ride of all of the spill or whatever I was trying to clean up at the moment. After a few times however I realized that spots which were not sticky when I started became sticky when I was done. The mark on the table would be gone but everywhere I had just wiped my cloth was now sticky. To get rid of the stickiness that the GreenWorks left behind I had to then wipe the table down with water.
What’s the point in that? When this bottle is empty I will be trying a different brand of “green” cleaner

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Anonymous said...

Try Target's Method products. They work very well.

I can also give you a recipe for homemade laundry soap that costs about a dollar for five gallons and is pretty environmentally friendly. And Dr. Bronner's soap will clean just about anything off of anything.

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