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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Blogs I am reading or have discovered lately

1. Mary’s Blog – I found this one on socialspark but it is cool because I think I have some things in common with Mary. she mentions on her blog:
“My goals this year include writing my novel, continuing to write poetry, have a healthy baby, getting another tattoo, and cleaning my house”
I also write poetry and want to write a novel I want to get another tattoo of my and Scott and I am always needing to clean the house, awesome.
2. Dooce – I like this one because this is the blog that inspired me to figure out how to blog for money.
3. New Orelans Metblog - why because I write for them occasionally plus metblogs is a great way to learn about a city you are thinking of moving to or currently live in.
4. Sweet Juniper – This one is a cute little blog I am still in the beginning stages of learning things about the blogosphere and this blog is helping with that.
5. Wyrding Studios Blog – This is the blog of a friend of mine who makes wonderful jewelry

1 your two cents:

Mary J. said...

Hi. Thanks for writing about my blog! I added your link to my post!

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