Wednesdays Wonderful Review - The Pitbull

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

They are fun and lovable, high energy and beautiful animals but are they deadly? My sister has two pitbulls and they are nothing but friendly. They play and have fun with themselves and with us. They are no different than any other dog who is your playmate and companion. Dogs are animals and any animal can be provoked or cornered into violence as humans we must never forget that just because we are smarter does not mean we can change the nature of an animal. The question is: is the nature of a Pitbull to be mean and the answer is no. I think for the most part PitBulls are given a bad rap. You hear about them in the news more often than other breads attacking other dogs or people but do they really attack more often? I'm not so sure. Every animal just like every person should be judged on a case by case basis and should not all be lumped together. Pitbulls are at the mercy of the 'one bad apple' rule. Now governments around the country are trying to pass laws that do not allow their citizens to own Pitbulls. Why punish dogs that have done nothing wrong? If a dog attacks a human they should be put down no question but a dog should not be put down because of the type of dog they are it is no different than hanging people due to the color of their skin. It is not right and should not be done.

Besides do you even know what a pitbull is? You can find the test in this blog.

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