Wednesday's Wonderful Review - Flat Earth Chips

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I found these chips by Flat Earth at Target not too long ago and thought I would try them, a chip that is good for you and tastes good? I was skeptical but I thought what the hell so I gave them a chance. Turns out they are good and if the package can be believed they are good for me too. They have six flavors three veggie and three fruit. You get 1/2 a serving in each ounce of chips you eat. These pictures represent my favorite flavors but the baby likes their Apple Cinnamon Grove the best but this isn't his blog so I get to pick the pictures.

Now that I know these chips are out there I have been looking for them on the shelf when I do my regular grocery shopping. I was a little shocked at first because I thought they would be more of a specialty item but there they were at every major grocery store I have been to do my weekly shopping. Like anything they should be eaten in moderation but I love that I can snack on them without feeling bad for eating some chips and I can pass them along to the little one without feeling like I am starting him on a bad habit of eating greasy fatty potato chips. He can actually get some nutrition form these while having a tasty snack, Yea!

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