Sunday, April 26, 2009

Why does it feel like my life has been religated to watching the baby? I feel like a nanny who never gets to go home and doesn't get paid. It seems as though my husband gets to walk off whenever he wants usually without even mentioning that he is going while I am just expected to continue keeping an eye on the little guy. What if I ant to check my email or something? Any time my husband tries to do something with the LG to give me two minutes they end up watching TV which is what they are doing right now. So now I feel bad for writing this because all they are doing is watching SpongeBob. I work so hard to keep him out from in front of the television all day just to have my husband sit him down with a cartoon whenever he gets the opportunity.

1 your two cents:

sounds like my typical experience...although there is hope for you. It may be because your husband doesn't know what to 'do' with the little one. It used to be like that for me too...but now the kiddos are a bit older & daddy can 'do' things with them. They help Daddy with projects & play games together. How about suggesting to your husband that you get a girl's nite out once a month or so ...to help save your sanity? :o)

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