Things they don't tell you pt.1

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

There are tons of things that "they" don't tell you about having kids. Some of them are those instinct things that I couldn't explain to you even if I wanted to and if I did I would be wasting my time typing. Some of the things though can be explained as a matter of fact they are really easy to understand it is just no one ever says anything about them. And if they do it is in jest. Why this is I do not know because I know for a fact my kid is not the only one these things happen to so in the spirit of sharing the truth about parenting I am going to do a series of posts on the things they don't tell you.

They fall down all the time:

Before I had my son I read books and all the magazines and scoured the Internet for information. I wanted to be well prepared so I could be the best Mommy I could be. Everywhere I looked they were telling me to baby proof this and fence off this. It is so easy for accidents happen and so it is my responsibility to put plugs in the outlets and make sure he doesn't fall down the stairs. What they don't tell you is none of that matters your kid will run into walls, he will be walking on a perfectly flat sidewalk and fall flat on his face, he will roll off of chairs and out of the bed. From the time he starts to crawl he will virtually always have a bruise on his forehead and none of them will lead to a concussion. In the beginning every time he slips off the couch I ran to inspect him thinking about how he was hurt not whether he was hurt or not. Reading all the articles led me to think that if he fell down it would be the end of the world but the truth is he falls down all the time with nothing more to come from it but maybe a bruise or scrape.

Why don't they tell you that little kids fall down all the time? I know they want us to be on the lookout for serious injuries and they want people to baby proof their houses to help prevent those really serious injuries but why can't they be realistic? Because they only talk about the extremes they make us normal folks feel insecure when things just go normal. So, don't you worry it is normal for your little one to fall down and run into things, they are working on their coordination and falling is part of the process.

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