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Friday, April 3, 2009

in an effort to get a hold on my life and not become overwhelmed taking on more than I can actually accomplish I have made this list.

Things I Can Get Rid Of
  • TV in Bedroom (it isn't even plugged in)
  • Cabinet in Kitchen (It got cut out when we put in the dishwasher and just sits in the corner)
  • Elmo Dolls (my little one never plays with them, he never did) Anybody want a tickle me Elmo and an Up,Up Elmo?
  • All the empty boxes around the house (I keep thinking I will need to move or ship something)
  • Filing Cabinet (I never use it)
  • Recycling Service (they charge for it here)
  • Carseat base (we still have the base to the carseat we haven't used in over a year)
  • Decorative pillows (they currently decorate the space between the chair and the wall)
  • Backpack Carrier (my big little guy doesn't fit in it anymore)
  • Mardi Gras beads (we still have tons around the house)
Things I Can Do
  • Move folding table to closet (it's just in the way)
  • Clean off top of cabinet in Kitchen (so we can get rid of it)
  • Move fan to attic (it works but no where to hang it)
  • Put P.A. system on craigslist (to be tackled when hubby gets home)
  • Put desk on craigslist (also when hubby gets home)
  • Take recycling to The Green Project (since it is free there)
  • Buy a filter and use regular coffee (I use K-cups for my Keurig right now)
  • Put brain in a frame (this one is a long story, maybe it's own post?)
  • grow sprouts (I used to do this is was easy and tasty)
  • Chacha enough money to pay credit cards
Things I Need
  • Rumba
  • Scumba (these two would help my quality of life)
  • Recycling bin.can in the Kitchen (instead of outside)
  • New closet doors (ours are falling down
  • Yard finished (it is a weedy mess, you can't play in that)
  • Slip cover or patch for couch (it has a hole)
  • To get info off harddrive (my old PC crashed)
  • A couple short sleeved shirts (out with the winter)
  • My hair cut (it has been so long)
Things I Want
  • New refridgerator
  • Stackable washer and drier
  • Magnolia tree for the yard
  • To redo the Kitchen
  • Insulate under the house
  • A cat
I am thinking of updating this list every week so I will keep you updated on how I do.

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