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Friday, April 10, 2009

In my quest to write a post everyday in the month of April I am left with some times when I don't have much to say. Today I spent most of the day getting ready to leave. We are driving to Florida tomorrow to spend Easter with my family. We will actually be staying for the next two weeks. My hubby will be leaving for work next Wednesday, the Little Guy and myself will be staying till at least the 23rd. I am very happy to be going to get out of the city, especially since my Hubby wouldn't be here with me anyway and now I am going to go watch the last LOST with him while he is here.

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Elizabeth said...

I'm trying to visit all of my Followers this week. Some people are getting an error message "stack overflow" when they visit my blog, and others. If this happens, you can just empty your Temp or Temp Internet folder. Or try using Firefox as your browser. It is a quirk of Blogger and Internet Explorer that sometimes happens. I'm hoping this works out and you'll continue to visit!

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