Alaskans upset by Volcano

Monday, April 6, 2009

When I logged into my Earthlink account today I found this article. I can understand complaining about your situation and not being able to look beyond it to the big picture (Hell I do it all the time) but this one I find kind of funny. So, people in Alaska are upset because this volcano that they live next to has been spewing ash for a while now and it messes with their daily lives. This is unfortunate but all I can think is WHY AREN"T YOU HAPPY YOU AREN'T DEAD???

I mean they live close enough to this volcano that if it decided to really blow they could very well be dead. No, oh isn't is a pain in my ass that I have to wear a mask to keep from breathing ash but Covered In Molten Lava Dead. Shouldn't they be happy?

1 your two cents:

The Rambler said...

You know, today on the radio someone called in complaining of the ridiculous traffic...on and on the caller went. The radio DJ told her.

"One word.....MOVE."

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