Damn it's hot

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So we have been in Florida for a few days now and I have to say it feels hotter here than I remember it being.
I have been living in New Orleans for over three years now, I remember when we first moved there the temperature was actually higher but the heat was different. The humidity is opressive in New Orleans but here in Fort Myers over the last few days it feels more like New Orleans than I ever remember it. Maybe I haave just been away too long.

On another aubject, I have noticed that when I use my iPhone to post (like I am doing now) the quality of my writing drops significantly. I feel rushed like because I am typing on a cell phone I should be hurrying for some reason. Once I get used to using my iPhone for these kinds of things hopefully my writing quality won't suffer so.

1 your two cents:

The Rambler said...

Going on vacation in May and just figured out how to post from my Boyphone (hehehe Iphone).

Have a ton of fun.

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