Spotlight - Lucy Springer Gets Even by Lisa Heidke

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I recently received this book to review which I will be doing in more depth in the coming weeks but I am enjoying it so much I just wanted to share the details of it with you now. It's rare you find a book you are truly compelled to share but this one I am so here's a little info on it from Amazon.

Product Description

Lucy Springer thinks she's got it tough. She's living through renovation hell, her two kids seem more challenging than ever, and her once successful acting career has been reduced to the odd commercial. Then Max, her husband, absconds to Bali with an unknown companion and things go from bad to disastrous. But Lucy doesn't give up easily. Juggling increasingly chaotic building dramas, bewildered children, her crazy best friend/agent Gloria, and her ever helpful mother with chasing after Max, Lucy Springer is determined to get her life onto an even keel and more. This delightful new novel is an often hilarious account of triumphing over adversity, following your dreams and listening to your heart.

About the Author

Lisa Heidke is the author of This Wife's Life, which was shortlisted for the Varuna/Harper Collins Manuscript Awards.

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