Book Review - Difficult People by Jim Stallings

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I received Difficult People: Flash Fictions by Jim Stallings (admittedly a while ago) for review.
This book has been in my bathroom for a few months now. Some people would think that is a bad thing but in fact it is not. Difficult People is a book of Flash Fictions or super short stories that really jump into each character with abandon. Each flash fiction is engrossing and at times very intense, making them a bit hard to read back to back to back in this book of 231 pages.
The fact that they are short but intense makes them a perfect bathroom read. I am not sure they could be truly appreciated if read straight through. Reading a few then taking a bit of time off gives you the opportunity to really consider each story then go back in for more.
Even if this book doesn't land a spot in your bathroom, I highly recommend taking your time to read Difficult People, don't push through it, read a bit then put it down and savor it.

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Jim said...

Many thanks for the insightful review on Difficult People. I think you're's a storybook for adults and the short pieces are generally so intense they can only be consumed in one's and two's, not much more. My other books are at

Best of reading & thanks again for a bit of bright news today.
Jim Stallings, author of
Difficult People & 7 others books

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