Book Review - What About the Children? by Dianne Nelson

Friday, June 18, 2010

I received What About The Children?: What's the Strategy to Prevent These Tragedies? by Dianne Nelson for review recently and the very moment I saw the front cover I knew it would be an emotional read. It lived up to that first impression.
What About the Children? explores the case of one single child in the foster care system and how that system simply doesn't care for her at all. Along with so many other "systems" in this country it just doesn't work. This child is so obviously mistreated by her first foster care family but no one does a single thing about it, in fact the system sides with the foster family when the little girl says she is being abused and molested they don't even have her examined they just leave her there and continue to pay these people money to care for her. Hell the system does worse to biological parents if there is an accusation made of that magnitude.
It's just awful what happens to children in these kinds of situations and this little book does a wonderful job highlighting some of the issues with the system that supposed to protect them. I am so glad Dianne and her daughter made it through the hard times to come out better people with more knowledge and understanding on the other side.

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