Book Review - More Information Than You Require by John Hodgman

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I downloaded More Information Than You Require by John Hodgman through my local library's Overdrive system. If you aren't sure if your library uses Overdrive then you should definitely ask, it's an online database that allows you to download titles for listening and reading right from home using nothing but your library card. It doesn't cost anything and you get to check out the titles for 14 days then they automatically erase but you can always check them out again if you aren't finished yet. It's great!

Anyway back to More Information than you Require, having never picked up the paper copy the first thing that comes to mind is DON'T. There are things in the audio edition that you simply could not get in the paper edition. Like Paul Rudd, he's there seemingly through the entire recording sleeping in the corner because after all he was originally tapped to read the audio book then John moved some things around and was able to read it himself. Alas Paul needs the paycheck and so there he is. Also Jonathan Coulton, I just discovered Mr. Coulton and I like him very much. To top off these voices as well as quite a few more I didn't even mention here, there are two wonderful addition to the end of the audio book.

The first is John Hodgman and Ricky Gervais mostly just talking though they start off reading the blurbs from the back of More Information Than You Require. The second addition that you simply could not fully grasp in the traditional paper edition of the book is John Hodgman on stage reading 700 Moleman names along with their occupations accompanied by Jonathan Coulton on guitar. They take over an hour to read and make me wish I was in the live audience to really be part of what must have been a truly magical experience.

If you enjoy humor then you should listen to More Information Than You Require. If you don't enjoy humor, then you should lighten up. Life is short, listen to John Hodgman and laugh.

Begin your new lighter life by watching this video of John Hodgman discussing his book on BoingBoingTV.

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Care said...

I saw Mr. Hodgman at the Boston BookFest - awesome. I immediately put him on my must-read list and have not done anything about it since. NOW, I think I'll look for the audio instead. Obviously, I was meant to read this post. Thanks.

Rayna said...

I would love to see him in person, a great show I'm sure.

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