Book Review - Donner the Western Dragon by Suzanne Davis Marion

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I received Donner the Western Dragon: A Hero's Tale by Suzanne Davis Marion for review.

This book is very cute, as soon as we opened the envelope with this book inside my son pointed, smiling and said "dragon!" With a reaction like that Donner gets points right away.

This book has quite a few more words than the books we usually read but my little guy stuck with it the whole way. He was interested in the story and the illustrations kept him excited to turn the page.

Product Description

Donner the Western Dragon lived in a cold northern forest with his parents, brother and sister, and several other dragon families. Western dragons were noted for their warlike and fierce demeanor. The young dragons spent much of their spare time in rough-and-tumble games, snorting fire at one another, wrestling and fighting. While all the other young dragons were tumbling about and breathing fire all over the grass, flowers and trees, Donner much preferred romping and playing with his best friend, Una. Everyone found it strange that Una should be Donner’s best friend, as Una was a unicorn, an animal noted for its gentle disposition. Donner’s father and the other dragons mocked Donner for his quiet demeanor. They accused him of behaving like a peaceful Eastern dragon. He was an embarrassment to them. In an unexpected twist of fate, Donner’s unique personality and talents enabled him to intervene in a frightening situation, and become a hero, appreciated and commended by all.

About the Author

Suzanne Davis Marion grew up in Tucson, Arizona, and graduated from the University of Arizona and from the University of Houston Moores School of Music. She is a singer, pianist, and teacher, and recently developed a small business creating personalized lullabies and play songs for children (Lullabies By Suzanne). She and her husband Stuart live in Houston, Texas with their two dogs, Laura and Diana.

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