Book Review - Terror From Beyond Middle England by Sarah Crabtree

Friday, March 5, 2010

I received this ebook through a giveaway on librarything and at first I was a little scared I had gotten myself into something I wasn't going to enjoy. The title is a little more horror than I usually like and the cover is a little more...well...ugly than I would usually pick off of a shelf but as I got deeper into the story I was pleasantly surprised. In the end I found this to be a great little story. I looked forward to going to bed every night so I could cuddle into the covers with my iPhone and read some more.
Terror From Beyond Middle England by Sarah Crabtree is available for sale from encpress.

Here's more info on Terror From Beyond Middle England from the encpress website:

"What’s a thirtysomething, single, small-town temp to do to escape her dreadful life and her dysfunctional family? Our heroine, Zara, grabs a rucksack, jumps on a train going to a slightly bigger town, and falls into the arms of an intriguing young scientist called Alan. He could well be the solution to her problems just so long as Zara’s cousin Julia’s love troubles don’t get in the way.

The adventure spirit thus unleashed, Zara develops a knack for attracting the most fascinating people, among them a coterie of queer and transsexual activists on a crusade against genetically modified foodstuffs. Not such an eccentric rallying point, as it turns out when the naughty goings-on at the lab where Alan works are uncovered. These ultimately lead to the creation of the Doomsday Globe, a pretty little knickknack that contains deadly bacteria in place of a snowstorm.

Up until this wonderful stage of her life, Zara has never had so much control over so much chaos. Life has never been so sweet as Zara and Alan fall helplessly in love. But don’t get out the sick-buckets yet: Zara’s suicidal mother doesn’t want to miss out on the fun, and Cousin Julia turns up on the doorstep pregnant and in denial. And it’s all Zara’s fault. Well, actually it isn’t, but she’s just too darned kind and competent for everybody’s good.

This is an eternal saga of human bondage made possible almost entirely by wireless technology..."

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