Book Review - Snowglobe 7, Doctor Who Novel by Mike Tucker

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Doctor Who novels are just as good as the television series. The Doctor lends himself perfectly to the crossover novel because he has so many wonderful adventures that simply can't all be packed into the television show so why not put them in a book, this is why I started the Doctor Who reading challenge to get into the books behind The Doctor.
I randomly picked Doctor Who: Snowglobe 7 from my local library but it turned out to be a perfect choice. See my husband spent two weeks in Dubai last month and Snowglobe 7 is set in Dubai. Turns out with global warming and such the earth is getting hotter and humans have built these snowglobes to preserve the arctic then moved them all around the globe. Two of them end up in Dubai, they were all supposed to be used for research but over time they have to give in to tourism to get enough money to stay afloat.
Inside one of the few snowglobes still used strictly for research an ancient and deadly alien is uncovered in the ice. This is where The Doctor and Martha come in to save the day. It's classic Doctor and it is great.
Also on a side note there is a real snowglobe type thing in Dubai. Inside one of their huge malls there is a ski slope. Hubby saw it but did not go skiing. I am sure that the author knew about the ski mall in Dubai before writing this book but wouldn't it be crazy if it were the other way around?

This book is a double header, it knocks off one of my required books for my Doctor Who Reading Challenge and one for my Time Travel Reading Challenge, go me!

2 your two cents:

Alyce said...

Not only did I not know that there were Doctor Who books, I haven't ever even seen Doctor Who. I feel like that's something I need to remedy.

Rayna said...

You should definitely try the show or the books or both for that matter.

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