Book Review - Doctor Who: The Pirate Loop by Simon Guerrier

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I love these Doctor Who novels so much I have been getting them back-to-back from the library and just devouring them. My most recent novel is Doctor Who: The Pirate Loop by Simon Guerrier. I really liked this one, actually I think it's my favorite of the Doctor and Martha books I have read. This is the first one I would love to see as part of the series, maybe in a different form now that David Tennant has moved on from The Doctor and Martha probably isn't coming back as the new Doctor's companion but still. It's also the first one I truly wanted to be a part of, the rest of them are fun reads and I love the characters but I never really wanted to be part of the story until The Pirate Loop.

Description from Amazon:

"The Doctor's been everywhere and everywhen in the whole of the universe and seems to know all the answers. But ask him what happened to the Starship Brillant and he hasn't the first idea. Did it fall into a sun or black hole? Was it shot down in the first moments of the galactic war? And what's this about a secret experimental drive? The Doctor is skittish. But if Martha is so keen to find out he'll land the TARDIS on the Brilliant, a few day before it vanishes. Then they can see for themselves... Soon the Doctor learns the awful truth. And Martha learns that you need to be careful what you wish for. She certainly wasn't hoping for mayhem, death, and badger-faced space pirates!"

You can't hate anything that has "badger-faced space pirates" and they forgot to mention regenerating hors dourves. Also this satisfies one of my requirements for my Doctor Who Reading Challenge and the Time Travel Reading Challenge, double header again.

Currently "Reading":
Book - The Adventures of Doctor Who. Omnibus comprising: Doctor Who and the Genesis of the Daleks; Doctor Who and the Revenge of the Cybermen; Doctor Who and the Loch Ness Monster by Terrance Dicks
E-Book - Logan And The Magic Fish by Otto Scamfer
Audio - Count Karlstein by Philip Pullman

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