Book Review - Logan and the Magic Fish by Otto Scamfer

Friday, March 26, 2010

I received a digital version of Logan And The Magic Fish by Otto Scamfer from the author for review. It is a children's book so I opened the PDF with my son sitting on my lap. The illustrations are brilliant, with enough detail to be interesting but clear cut and colorful so they appeal to even the youngest readers.
Logan and the Magic Fish is the story of what happens when Logan makes a magical catch on a late season fishing trip. The large orange fish offers to grant Logan 3 wishes if he will just release him back into Blue Lake. After making his 3 wishes Logan hurries home only to find his life hasn't changed at all. Frustrated and angry Logan returns to the lake to confront the magic fish. His doubts are laid to rest as the magic fish explains to him that with food to eat and a warm bed to sleep in he is already a rich boy, with family and friends who love him and want to spend time with him he is already popular and that happiness can only truly be recognized and enjoyed if your life has some sadness.
I really enjoyed this book, each moment I was really with Logan and that is hard to accomplish in a children's picture book. With my son's blonde hair and prospects of fishing with his grandfather this coming summer I think it was easy for me to see him as Logan. I only hope that my son can learn the valuable lessons that Logan at such a young age. Reading a wonderful story like Logan and the Magic Fish will give him a head start.

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