Admit One: My Life In Film by Emmett James

Friday, March 12, 2010

Admit One: My Life In Film is the autobiography through film of Emmet James. The author lets us in on the events of his childhood and eventually his adulthood by taking us along with him to the memorable films he has seen or been a part of.

Each chapter is a movie title such as Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom & The Karate Kid. James uses the film to tell us about his life. With a perfect blend of wit and honesty together with crafty storytelling he lets us into his life simply by telling us about his surroundings during his trip to the theater and the experience of watching each movie at that particular time in his life.

As the book goes on we move from James' childhood in England to his life as a struggling actor in America. Each new film/chapter giving us a further glimpse into his life such as the chapter titled Green Card in which all that is written is "Life imitates art. Enough said."

Admit One is my kind of book, it is true life written with a flair usually reserved for fiction. Emmett James is not afraid to let us into his world, he might be brash at times but it's worth the possibility of bristling someone's hairs for the multiple times I found myself laughing out loud.

I don't want to dwell on any negatives but I will say this directly to Mr. James himself. I can't stand Steven Seagal as much as the next guy but maybe, I'm just saying, you shouldn't put an open letter of denigration to the man in very beginning of your book. Let the people get to know you first then lay on the hate for Mr. Seagal. That is all.

I love books and authors who go out of their way to connect with their readers.
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