Book Review - Rusty by Ellen F. Feld

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I had a friend in high school who loved horses and by loved I mean LOVED HORSES. They were all over her room and last I heard she was working with a Veterinarian so I guess it worked out. As soon as I heard I was receiving this book to review I thought of her and wished we had stayed in better touch so I could pass this book on to her.
Rusty: The High-Flying Morgan Horse (Morgan Horse Series) is the third book in Ellen F. Feld's Morgan Horse Series. A cute book, well written which made it easy to get into the characters. I think a bit of it was lost on me because I don't know that much about horses and don't share my friend's LOVE of them. I think any child that is into horses boy or girl would like reading this series. These books could be the fuel that takes a spark that is a love for horses and turns it into a lifelong passion to own, preserve and care for horses in adulthood.

From The Willow Bend Publishing website:
"The third book in the popular Morgan Horse series, Rusty continues the adventures of Heather Richardson and her Morgan Horses. In this story, Frosty has her foal, a lovely gray filly. This adorable baby seems absolutely perfect, but is she? Meanwhile, Heather decides to try her luck in a new discipline and enters Rusty in several jumping competitions. Everything is going well until Heather begins to doubt herself. Will a new friend, Nicholas, be able to help Heather overcome her fears and win the Jump-Off?"

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