Thursday, March 5, 2009

Yeah that is LG (Little Guy) speak for Pizza. All day long yesterday he was chanting over and over Piddka, Piddha, Piddha. I would ask "would you like some pizza?" of course he would say "Yetha" (LG for yes) just like he knew exactly what both he and I were talking about. So we made a trip to the grocery store after his nap to pick up a Digorno (not delivery). When he saw the box he nearly jumped out of the cart with joy repeating to anyone who was within three aisles of us "Piddha, Piddha." I made sure not to offer him anything to eat on the way home or while the Pizza was in the oven. I didn't refill his juice/water so that he would be good and hungry when the pizza came out of the oven was cut into bite sized pieces and placed onto his plate.

I sat down next to him with my slice of pizza. He looked at me then started to get down form his chair and run around.
I said "don't you want any pizza?"
Again he just looked at me
I said "look there is pizza on your plate."
The look
I said "you don't want any pizza?"
The look punctuated by him running around and around the table.
He never came back for pizza

2 your two cents:

Laura said...

That pizza looks good. Now I am hungry for pizza.

Chandy said...

Oh my, I don't normally eat pizza, but that pictures just made me want one now!

Delish, and I think when our faces are stuffed with pizza, the hot and fresh kind with gooey cheese string, it all sounds like "PIDDHA", too! LG has the right idea. :-)

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