Thursday, March 19, 2009

We bought this at the local Asian food store a while ago, actually it was so long ago that we did not even remember we had it. We just found it the other day in the cabinet. What it is? You ask. Squid Jerky. Sounds good right? Well, let me tell you it tastes a lot better than it smells. The smell of squid jerky can only be likened to a wharf. Not one of those touristy wharfs that are all cleaned up with just the faintest whiffs of sea but a real one. A wharf where the fishing ships go out in the early hours of the morning and pull back in laden with fishiness in the evening. Upon returning the fishermen remove their loads and fillet them right there on the docks. That is the wharf I am talking about, if you have never been to a working wharf and you feel as though your life is missing something look up your local Asian food store and pickup a package of squid jerky.

On the back of the package it says:
"Enjoy Wel-Pac Prepared Squid at anytime and any place. Just open the bag and serve at parties. Make sure you have enough! It's also a convenient snack to take on picnics."

Although for a seafood lover they are not all that bad I can not envision the party at which I would serve Squid Jerky. On top of that serving such a thing would be like serving onions and garlic at a dinner party. A big No, No. Remember the wharf I described above? That is what your breath smells like after having downed a few pieces. Same goes for picnics. Not recommended for gatherings of people in any way unless of course you have started a Squid Jerky Lovers Meetup Group in that case these are the snacks for you.

On a high note they are low in calories, 0 grams of fat and high in protein. the only down side on the nutrition facts is the high sodium count but that comes with jerky doesn't it?

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Chandy said...

They are tasty! We eat those quite a bit in my house! Great description of the smell, lol!

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