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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

On Monday I posted a list of things I need to get done. I was wondering how many things I actually got done so far, and keep in mind it has been two days and not just one. So, then I thought why not share it with you here.

1. scrub kitchen floor
2. vacuum inside hall closet.
3. take little guy to the park (hope it doesn't rain)
4. find an atm that lets you take out $10 at a time
5. take $10 out of the bank
6. drop off books and video at the library (try not to worry about how much we have racked up in overdue fees since I can't pay them til Friday)
7. write more blog entries... this one is still in development so it gets green.
8. clean bedroom
9. clean LG's room
10. repot plant
11. finish laundry...laundry is washed an dried and now in a pile on the bed so again Green
12. put futon mattress back on futon frame
13. Come up with crap to do with LG so he doesn't watch TV all day
14. bring in garbage cans
15. take shower
16. give LG a bath
17. make more coffee
17.5 try not to worry about using all the LG's milk for my coffee
18. make lunch
19. make dinner
20. try not to worry about Super Hubby flying today
21. try not to worry about being alone for a week and a half
22. get a babysitter for Saturday night
23. try not to worry about not being able to find a babysitter for Saturday night
24. try not to worry about not having any money until Friday
25. make time for myself
26. make time for something calming and relaxing.

Everything in Red still needs to be done, Blue is finished and Green is half way done. Just for the record I did make lunch and dinner for the last two days but since we are back around to another day they are back on the list again. There is a blog that is nothing but one Mom's to do list. I need to find that blog and compare my lists to hers. Maybe I will feel better...of course I could feel worse, it's a toss up.

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