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Friday, February 27, 2009

This is a chain/virus thingy and not the bad kind the good have fun learn more about people kind.

Here's how it works:
Comment to this post and I will give you five subjects or things I associate with you. Then post this to your blog and elaborate on the subjects given.

jon gave me

1 poetry
2 pool party
3 geocaching
4 new orleans
5 hot mama

so if you want to know what I think about these things here we go:

1. poetry: I wrote my first poem when I was twelve. I had never really thought about writing before then and definitely not poetry but I was just sitting there and out it came. I remember I thought about this line "the far out reaches of space" and I though about myself being stuck in space literally and then it became metaphorically and at that point I was looking around for a pen and piece of paper. I had to write it down. I did and it was a poem and I haven't stopped since. Mostly haven't stopped anyway. I wish I would force myself to write more now but I'm not and I am not worrying about it, I write when I have time/ feel it and I don't when I don't I have written one book that you can actually buy at the store and one that is still stuck on my old hard drive and Scott says he will get off for me one day. Hopefully that is soon because it is finished.

2. pool party: That was awesome, I had so much fun at that pool party. It was the first time I had really gotten out of the house and done something really fun for me with my friends since Chance was born. I have to admit when you (jon) walked through the door I thought "what's his name? what's his name?" I felt really bad about that to myself but it all worked out. I was also glad my sister came in because we don't hang out much as friends usually it's just family stuff.

3. geocaching: I have a couple friends in Orlando that have been doing it for ever and they tried to get me into it for the longest time but I didn't have a GPS and Scott wasn't really into it so those two things made it hard to do when I was living in Fort Myers. Then we moved to New Orleans and Scott got this job where he travels all the time so I bought a GSP thinking it was a small expense for the time it would fill while Scott was away. Then I got hooked. It is addictive. Once you find one you want to find another and another. Also it was great for learning a new city. I went places I had never been before and probably would have no reason to go. I read historical markers I never would have stopped the car to read had it not been for geocaching. I still cache, actually I went a couple days ago and I was going to go today but it is raining. I also have two that I have put out myself one by my Moms house in Fl and one her by my house in NOLA. It is a little harder to do it now because Chance runs so we can only do ones in or around parks if no one is here to help me keep an eye on him. One person to look for the cache and one to watch him. But he loves being outside so hopefully I can put him to work actually looking for the caches soon.

4.New Orleans: I have a real love/hate relationship with the city. I don't really think it is fair to the city to be honest.I think it takes the wrap for all the being alone I have done for the majority of the time we have lived here. I love the arts and the go with the flow everyone can do whatever they want atmosphere here in New Orleans. I don't like the under funded public works (holes in the streets etc.) and the crime, which is getting worse. In the whole time I lived in Fort Myers I actually knew personally one person who was maybe (some thought it was suicide) murdered I have lived in NOLA 3 years and I know 2 people and another I said hi to in the coffee shop a few times. There is something wrong with that. Add to that school is looming in our future and New Orleans has some of the worst schools in the country and our country isn't that hot for education globally anyway. I would be doing Chance a horrible injustice by sending him to any public school here and the private schools cost more money which we may or may not have in a couple years. I would really like to own a home here and live somewhere else. I would love the freedom to come and go here as I please, to add to the community and experience the festivals but without the burden of being stuck here all the time. I want Chance to know that people are weird and crazy and different and that it is OK and should be embraced which is exactly what they do here but I want him to be safe and well taken care of and I just know in my heart that this isn't the place for those things.

5. hot mama: I am not sure how to approach this one. Did I mention hot mama in a previous post that I do not remember or do you just think I am one and in that case thank you, thank you very much. Let me tell you this I gained weight when I was pregnant and then I lost a lot when I had Chance it was great I felt great and looked great. Then something happened, I evened out. I mean I gained a little weight back and am sort of squishy. Now something I have also learned in the last few months is that although the number on the scale might be a little higher than I like the way I look is all in my head. If I wake up and have a good day I am sexy when I look in the mirror and other people tell me so, Scott says I look good and other people ask me if I have lost weight. Then on other days when I am feeling crappy no one says anything and I feel ugly all day. So I know that the hot mama I aspire to be is in here I just have to think happy thoughts and she emerges.

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