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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The CEO of JP Morgan Chase thinks it is "unfair" for Obama to put a pay cap on CEO's of banks who received bailout money. Well, guess what it isn't unfair, it is perfectly fair. If your institution is doing fine and does not need taxpayer money to bail out the water from the economic flood that they helped create then you get the right to pay yourself whatever you want. But the minute you walk into Congress and ask for the people's money to help your company then it becomes perfectly fair for us (the American people) to set limits. The American people elected Obama as our spokesman, it is his job protect our assets. The money that I can in taxes is meant to support the government not pay your million dollar salary.
If you think it is "unfair" then give the billions of dollars back to the government then you can pay yourself whatever you want. You went to the government begging for money, you can give it back, let you company go under and see how much you are getting paid then. Beggars can't be choosers Mr. CEO so if you really need that money shut up and take your $500,000 salary. I haven't made that much money in my entire life, just think about how lucky you are for a change and stop your bitching.

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