Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I have found something that I just love. It is postcrossing! What you do is simple. You get 5 address' for people all over the world. Then you send them each a postcard. Each postcard you send has a special tracking number that is entered on the postcrossing website when received. When one of your postcards arrives at it's destination you receive an email letting you know, then you can request another address and send out another postcard. While all this is going on you are also receiving postcards from other people and registering them on the website. I love it because I get to pick out and send postcards to people which is great for me because I love stationary and anything having to do with writing, also I love getting postcards from all over the world. They have such interesting things on them. The map above shows my postcrossing map. The pink lines are tracking the places I have received postcards form and the blue lines are tracking where I have sent postcards.

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