On the road

Friday, May 8, 2009

God, I love to travel! I am currently flying off for what I am going to call Mommy's Weekend Away. I can't tell you where I am going because it is a secret. The person I am going to visit does not know that I am coming and since the internets reach far and wide I have decided not to disclose my location here just in case she suspects something.
I have left the little guy with my Daddy. I have to admit that I am a littlenervous about this even though I know I shouldn't be. Super Hubby is a great Dad and I know they will do just fine, in fact they will probably have a lot of fun.
Right now I am focusing on me and the trip. My plane left late so I am hoping to get there in time to make my bus connection. If not I will be stuck at the airport for another two hours which would be lame to say the least. Oh well, there is nothing I can do now so I am going to sit back and enjoy my flight.

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