designer vibrators

Monday, May 4, 2009

While scanning through an old Newsweek Magazine I found today I was intrigued by an article on up-scale vibrators. Evidently since the popularity of Sex in the City and like movies/television shows you no longer have to go to "sleezy" locales to purchase your very own vibrator. On top of this new convenience vibrators now look "unobtrusive" and you never have to be bothered by something "vulgar" lying around your house. New designer vibrators are also disguised as lipstick cases and rubber duckies. Also these new fancy vibrators are going for $300 to $600, are you kidding me?

These women need to get off their high horses, go down to their local sex toy shop and buy a Real Vibrator. Is their more pleasure in a designer vibrator? I am willing to bet not.

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