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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

After lots of thought I have com to a conclusion, I can't just sit around writing about whatever comes to mind. Maybe it is my self-depreciating nature or maybe it is just that I am truly not that good of a writer but the fact remains that I don't feel like I can just write off the cuff without any direction day after day. I can't produce blogger babble everyday. For the last few months I have foolishly tried only to find myself having petered out half way through the month. Around the 15th of every month I have been sitting in front of my computer not knowing what to write and so deciding to not write about anything, I do the same thing the next day and the next until I am so far behind I give up for the month. If I only had a topic, something to focus on to keep me going, well from now on I will. There are three things I love to do most in this world, write, read and travel. So I am going to combine them, I will continue this blog but from now on it will be about reading. Things I have read, things I want to read, things I read to my son, books, magazines, authors, reading techniques even, anything as long as it has to do with reading.
Next I will revive my other blog Somewhere Else Travel and write about travel. This blog will be filled with my travels as well as travel tips, other travel websites I enjoy, deals I get, and anything and everything about travel. Although it won't be exclusively about family travel I do have a son and I love to travel. I also strive to show him as much of the world as I can so there should be a fair amount of tips for traveling with kids in over there too. I hope everyone who is with me now will continue to follow me as I make this transition. I think these changes will be for the better and I hope by doing this I can find more fulfillment through my writing and blogging projects and in turn provide you will better content to read.

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