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Monday, September 15, 2008

I am at the gym right now. That is right the gym has computers. I just had a fitness consultation and although I am pretty sure it is a load of crap they said my bodies age is 35. Honestly insulting me is not the way to get me to workout. The people were very nice but the computer program they imputted my information into was mean. I did however get this very nice 'The Sims' style picture of how I look now and how I will look in 24 weeks when I get down to my target BMI which is also crap by the way. Good BMI is between 18 and 25 I am now at 27 so I am not that bad just a little over and I think I will worry about getting within the 18 - 25 range and not to the target 21 that the computer decided for some reason I need to be. Anyway Chance is in the Kidsports area in their child care. I am worried about him but I know he is fine.

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Scott said...

i think it's great you went to the gym and I love you and am glad you're enjoying the computers

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