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Thursday, September 11, 2008

I don't know if you have figured it out yet or not but I am pro Obama and I have never been much into politics but when the whole Gore/Bush thing happened I was living in Florida and it really woke me up to how much it really matters who is living in the White House. The last eight years has really sent that fact home for me and I can not imagine a world where McCain wins. I just can not do it so I am sorry but I think I am going to spend a bit of my blog time from now until November talking about Obama and sharing some links and such. There will be other stuff too but this is important to me. I don't expect to share anything you haven't heard I am not planning to have any late breaking news about the campaign but I want to help get the word out the more people who write about him the more people with learn about him and the better the world will be. Anyway what prompted this entry is an email I found in my inbox today with a link to this website It is a fun little informational thing about Obama and his life.

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