Have you ever tasted Carrot juice?

Monday, September 29, 2008

I am not talking about the V8 stuff with carrots in the mix but real life no holds bared 100% carrot juice? If not then you should and by that I mean don't. In other words you should try it once in your life but if you are anything at all like me there is a good chance you will not like what you taste. It is crisp and sweet and strangely familiar there in, of course lies the problem.

The first swig is cool and refreshing as it crosses your lips and glides over your tongue. The orange colored juice begins to make it's way down your throat and that is when it hits you virtually out of nowhere. It can cause gagging and facial contortions, you do not know what it is but it just is not right. Something deep inside of you is telling your brain something is wrong with this situation.
Carrots are made to be eaten and the fact that you have now found them in liquid form is wrong and so the smart thing to do would be to abort, your throat starts to close attempting to send the juice back up and prevent any more from making it's way down. The juice bottle hits the table with a bang and your hand flies to your mouth to catch what you know your body is trying to do and stop it from happening. Luckily you do prevent an udder disaster of carrot flavored bile from leaving it's mark all over your tile floor and kitchen wall.
You think about taking another sip just to test your reaction but just the smell of it tells you not to take the risk. Sure they are tasty in soups and yummy when dipped in ranch dressing but they should be served in solid form and solid form only. You will just have to get your veggies in so other way and leave the carrot juice on the shelf, the grocery store shelf.

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