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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So there is this lady Sarah Palin and she is running for Vice President with John McCain. Lots of parents, Moms especially are weighing in on whether or not that is a good thing given she has 5 children one of which is only 4 months old and has down syndrome so I thought I would too, what the Hell.

Do I think it is a double standard to mention her children? No, if a man had a 4 month old son with Down Syndrome at home he should not take a job that would be so time and energy consuming either.

When you make a decision to have a child you are making a commitment to be there for that child, if there is one thing I have learned from having a baby is they do not need money, or toys or new clothes or for that matter even clothes at all. Diapers are a convenience for you to be honest he could care less. The one and only thing that child needs from you is your presence and your love everything else is optional. If you take that 4 steps farther and decide to have 5 children then you are deciding to be there 4 times as much as a person with 1. As a parent those children look to you every day for guidance and support and when you are not there they will look somewhere else. As a parent I want to be here to provide every moment of my son's life with as much encouragement and all out love as I can. At his age he does not understand the presidency and he does not understand money all he understands is whether I am here when he looks for me or not. A 4 month old needs there parents to be there and a 4 month old with a serious disease needs that even more. Sarah Palin's husband works as well so I am thinking he will not be there full time with the baby either.

Parents should be able to go back to work without persecution after they have children but if you take on more instead of scaling back (and with Todd Palin making $92,000 per year I can't see why she would need to work more) I can not imagine that a woman who wanted to have 5 children won't regret missing some precious moments when they are all grown.

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