He must already know he's going to loose

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Why not call the whole thing off? That is what Senator McCain thinks anyway. This does not make any sense to me, is it good to show the American people that when we are in a crisis he will call off all his public engagements and close himself behind locked doors and "work on a plan" honestly shouldn't he have been working on a plan for years now. If he had been then we would have this problem now so instead of getting on Television and letting all of us know how he would fix it so we can decide to vote for or against him he decides to try and call the whole thing off? If he thought he had a chance in hell of persuading people to vote FOR him this Friday do you really think he would ask to delay the debate? No way. Fortunately for him he knows he can't hold a candle to Obama's oratory skills and so his best bet to win votes is to hide and pretend to be working on some great economic plan. That way maybe just maybe a few people will believe him and decide to vote for him.

How about this Mister John McCain? Realise you waited till too late in your life to try to become a good person. Come to terms with the fact that the more you try to sell yourself as a good person the worse you truly become. Take this opportunity to stop running and stand up like a man. Don't sell it, live it! Then you might actually sway a few votes your way come November.

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