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Monday, May 17, 2010

I love Lost the television show on ABC. I watched the first episode and I was hooked just like that. I faithfully watched every episode even back when we didn't have cable or an Apple TV. All we had was this little bitty like 10 inch TV with rabbit ears on top it would come in all fuzzy and I would have to adjust the ears a billion times per show but I would and I loved it. This season is a little different because it is the last season I am saving them up, I haven't watched a single one but instead am waiting for them all to hit iTunes so I can buy them all together and watch them back-to-back getting the whole story in one big bunch.

Being the book lover that I am I have noticed all the titles floating around the island through the years but haven't spent a ton of time trying to figure all that out. Today I happened upon an article on the LA Times website about this very thing. The thing that makes Lost so great is the nuance in every episode, the little things that make the audience look deeper and in a round about way feel like we are more a part of the show than we ever truly can be.

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