Book Review - Pork Chop by David Edminister

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I received Pork Chop by David Edminister from the author to review. I am always excited to receive a children's book because I have the best little tester. A three year old who loves books. Pork Chop passed the test for sure. my little guy got into the story of Porter P. Psnout easily and enjoyed following his little adventures as he learns valuable lessons in his life.

Product Description from Amazon:

Martial Arts Is Not For Chickens!

Porter P. Psnout's favorite book was "The Three Little Pigs." Unfortunately, he had frequent nightmares about the Big, Bad Wolf trying to "huff, puff, (and bluff)" his way into our hefty hero's house for a little midnight "snack." In his disgustingly disturbing dreams, he hid and cowered in the face of adversity. One fateful night, Porter awoke startled, and nearly frozen with fear, made himself a solemn oath to get into shape, enroll in Master Tusk's Martial Arts Academy and to stop being a "chicken" once and for all! Did he finally succeed or succumb when he finally fully faced his fears?

If you enjoy cute, clever, and funny children's stories with a lot of challenging alliteration, then you will LOVE reading this story!

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