Book Review - I Can't Wait to Meet You by Claudia Santorelli-Bates

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I was delighted to receive I Can't Wait to Meet You by Claudia Santorelli-Bates for review. It was one of those great coincidences in life that I was asked to review this book at this particular time. I have some close friends who just found out they were pregnant using IVF.
This book is perfect for a family who wants to be open and honest with their children about what it took to bring them into the world from a very young age. It is a picture book with basic descriptions of the IVF process while making it clear that the love the could have for each other and the want for a child were the major motivating factors in taking part in IVF. In the end the couple end up with a beautiful baby to love.
I really liked how this book made the hard stuff easy to understand on a toddler/preschooler level. And that the most important thing is the whole family's love for one another.

Product info from Amazon:

I Can't Wait to Meet You" is a picture story book about a young couple hoping to start a family. Eventually, they turn to in vitro fertilization (IVF) to conceive. It is told in a light-hearted and spirited way, meant for young IVF boys and girls who are curious about how they came into the world.

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