Book Review - Doctor Who and the Genesis of the Daleks by Terrance Dicks

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I picked up Doctor Who and the Genesis of the Daleks by Terrance Dicks at the library not too long ago. One of the differences between this title and the other Doctor Who novels I've read so far is that this one isn't an original, in other words it's just a novelization of one of the Tom Baker television series.
That doesn't make it any less appealing to me however since I have a hard time paying too close attention to the old episodes so even though I've seen them playing in the background while my husband was watching them I couldn't tell you what actually happened until I read this book.
This book shows us the beginning of the Daleks. Where they come from, who invented them and why and what The Doctor does to try to stop it all from happening.
Although it was a little script-like in the reading it was just as easy to get into the story as all the other Doctor books I've read. This read had an extra bonus of being able to brush up on my important Doctor history in a way I just couldn't with the television show.

This book also takes care of one of my selections for the Doctor Who Reading Challenge and one for the Time Travel Reading Challenge.

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Alyce said...

I just started watching Doctor Who last weekend, and I'm loving it! Your post was a great reminder for me that the show was on tonight, otherwise I would have missed it.

Rayna said...

any time I can help.

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