Doctor Who: The Many Hands by Dale Smith

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

This is the first book Doctor Who book I have ever read, but it sure won't be my last. I have wanted to read Dr. Who books for a while now so I started a Doctor Who Reading Challenge to motivate myself, then pickup this book from the local library.
The Doctor loved Rose but I liked Martha Jones so my first Doctor Who book had to be The Doctor and Martha. Doctor Who: The Many Hands by Dale Smith was one of the few Doctor books just waiting for me to read them so I picked it up and gave it a whirl. Smith captured The Doctor's voice so well, the spirit of the book and the TV show is the same and it reads like the roller coaster ride that most of the Television episodes show you.
The Many Hands is fast, fun and highly entertaining. I flat out did not want to put it down, in the beginning there are zombies but of course as Martha and The Doctor dig deeper we find out that the "zombies" are in fact part of a sinister experiment being conducted by a local scientist and his "son" using alien technology. I love when Doctor Who links "real" history into their episodes and books in this one keep an eye open for Benjamin Franklin. This one gets two thumbs up I can't wait to pick up my next Doctor Who novel.

Currently "Reading":
Book - Critical Mass by Kathleen Henry
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